Keeping Your Home Bed Bug Free after your Home Renovation Project!

Mark Roberts/ August 13, 2016/ Home Renovation

Keeping Your Home Bed Bug Free after your Home Renovation Project! 

So you purchased a beautiful home and now you want to invest in furniture and other home improvement projects. Once that’s done, your home has now become your dream home! However a dream home can turn into a nightmare in an instant! Just listen to what happened to me. After 3 months of moving in, I had severe rashes and I didn’t know what was going on. Later on I discovered I had bed bugs in my bed room! Yes you read it right Bed bugs!

Exterminating Bed Bugs – Bed Bugs Be Gone!

Now that I found Bed Bugs, I started my hunt for the most effective way to eliminate them. I searched high and low, tried everything under the sun and still now change! Spent thousands of dollars and finally I have found the solution. I am writing this so if you face this you wont have to waste precious time and money hunting for the safest Bed Bug extermination method.

How Heat treatment is the most Green Bed Bug Extermination method

It is important to accurately identify bed bugs before beginning treatment of an infestation as incorrect control methods will prove ineffective and may be harmful. Selecting the best extermination method is always the challenging aspect of it.

Homeowner will always be of the opinion to just get rid of the parasitic insect, without giving much consideration to the adverse effect of the method applied. So many cases of spills, prolonged inhalation and sometimes suffocation have been recorded.

Furthermore, research’s scope had been on how to achieve the “greener” extermination method that has no bad records of the aftermath. This has not been far-fetched as we present to you “the most effective extermination method – called Heat extermination process.

Is there a greener method to eliminate bed bugs?

By greener method, we simply refer to a safe-haven of treatments of bed-bugs that caused no damage to the properties of the homeowner and the homeowner itself. The problem of insecticide resistance in bed bug populations increases their opportunity to spread. Exterminators often require individuals to dispose of furniture and other infested materials. It is advisable to break or mark these infested items to prevent their being unintentionally recycled and furthering the spread of bed bugs.

The above claim will render so many properties useless and cost will be incurred in getting another one. In addition to the issues of a “cleaner extermination process” all methods proved to work to some extent.

I do not personally want to endorse any company but being in Chicago, I used bed bug exterminator chicago firm called Bed Bug Docs. I can’t thank them enough for cleaning out my home of bed bugs so I can sleep happy. The gentlemen who came was very caring and friendly. The best part is, they never used chemicals or any pesticides but rather used a patented heat treatment method that safely exterminates pests. During the process, it also killed other insects that I had no knowledge was residing with me in my house. They finished the whole thing in 4 hours which meant I could go to sleep the same day! Thank you again. Here is their website:

Bed Bugs Be Gone!

Emily Butcherson